Iskcon Gurgram

The ISKCON Gurugram is located in the heart of Hi-Tech & IT hub city of Gurugram. The deities is such that it attracts people from all over the world. Once you have taken the darshan, you are imprinted with something so blissful within that you all be drawn back to them in a week.

Besides this, the temple is extremely popular for its melodious and soothing kirtan, thought provoking lectures by some brilliant scholars, energetic singing and dancing during all famous festivals and not to forget the delicious and scrumptious Prasadam. ISKCON Gurugram is one of the most active preaching centers of Vedic Education and Culture in the whole world, taking care of thousands connected to the temple, providing the public with ISKCON Youth Forum, ISKCON Girls Forum, ISKCON Children Forum, and Congregational Programs.

ISKCON Gurugram also focuses on spiritual satsangs and programs to transform many prisoners, for ISKCON believes in hating the sin and not the sinner. Regular Sankirtans, Rath Yatras and House programs aim at creating an auspicious environment for the benefit of the people of Gurugram, simultaneously transmitting God Consciousness by propagating the sweet holy names of the lord. Last, but not the least, the temple premises has a devotional gift shop and Govinda’s Bakery/ Snacks to keep the visitors enthused and enjoy some exquisite delicacies.

In a nutshell, ISKCON Gurugram is a hub for all to pursue one interest and develop a better understanding about how to live one life. Celebrating several colorful functions like Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Ram Navami, GourPurnima, Goverdhan puja, Narsimha Chaturdashi with great pomp and show, ISKCON Gurugram is the place to be, for it provides one with a higher taste, something one would have never experienced before.