Daily Darshan

Temple is open at 4:30 am following the Guru Aarti, and then there is an entire morning program which is followed as per the ISKCON Worldwide norms. This includes various activities like: Tulsi Aarti, Japa time, Guru Aari, then Shringar Aarti where the deities are beautifully dressed and so on.  These various activities inthe form of Aarti and Bhoga offerings etc. go on till 8:30Pm when the temple is closed for the day.

Please visit these pics of the temple Darshan…

Gopeshwar Mahadev ???

Radha Damodar Goshala: ISKCON sincerely believes the protection of cows as it is eminent for any cordial society to function. Following this we have a Goshala which is called Radha Damodar Goshala. We have a fairly decent number of cows which are being looked after and also we have a variety of cow products which are being used on a day to day basis. So people can get fresh cow milk or cow made sweets and of course other cow products.

Love Feast Program : This is our one of the main attractions. Here speakers form this very temple as well as from other ISKCON temples come and give their valuable association in the form of lectures or discourses on Vedic scriptures and thus they enlighten us on the path of Bhakti.  This is followed by sumptuous and delicious Prasadam for all attendees.

Gift shop : Every ISKCON temple has a Gift shop to help visitors buy useful items for their devotional practice and even books for kids to understand the Vedic scriptures in a fairly simple way. The Gift shop also has many books written by HDG Srila Prabhupad and his disciples. Here we can buy many gift items for our deities at home and also other useful items like hand bags, calendars etc.

Govinda’s snack counter : This is also one of the main counters that we have. We prepare lot of snacks and sweets and then they are offered to Their Lordships and then they can be purchased by the common people as Prasadam. We have a variety of snacks and sweets being prepared, all for the pleasure of the Supreme Lord with a special focus on meeting the quality standards. Specifically on weekends there is a very good variety on South Indian or North Indian dishes. So come and enjoy these tasty food items.

Thakur Ji Ki Nitya Seva

Panchamrit Abhishek 2100/-
RajBhoga Sewa (1 Day) 5100/-
Flower Sewa (1 Day) 3100/-
Fruits Sewa (1 Day) 2100/-
Srila PrabhuPada Guru Puja Sewa 2100/-
Nitya Sewa (1 Day) 15000/-
Deity Poshak (Vastra) 100000/-
Deity Jewellery 51000/-
Deity Arti 2100/-
Sunday Love Feast Prasadam Sewa 15000/-
Special Prasadam Sewa 25000/-
Birthday Celebration Sewa (Puja) 5100/-